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Creating meaningful digital and analog Hebrew and interactive learning tools for today

Digital Judaism for a Digital World

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digital tools
We have developed a package of learning aids that truly facilitate the process of integrating the graphic nuances of Hebrew letters and vowels into an exciting new experience.

study strategies
With the aid and support of interactive digital materials with audio integration, the process of learning is reinforced thus leading to a greater leap forward. 

interactive learning
Visually supported by graphic flash cards, both youth and adult students will find the experience of studying the Hebrew Language easier to grasp with quicker results. This also allows for an interactive experience with study partners and parents. 

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Digital Judaism aims to create the Jewish educational materials for today and tomorrow. If you can think it we can create it for you. Whether you want print materials for your classrooms or digital materials for your website we can create anything in Hebrew and English to reflect your dynamic vision for your religious school and congregation. We can create audio interactive tools that allow your students to both see and hear the prayers and vocabulary they need to learn to be able to become a young leader within their Jewish community. 

Digital Judaism was the brainchild of Rabbi Michael Sommer in 2011. Partnered with Eric Winter and Gary Rappaport Rabbi Sommer set out to create some of the most dynamic learning tools available.  


Rabbi Michael Sommer

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